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The intense Bodrum nightlife is amazing. Most of the night-time activities in Bodrum takes place on the mile-long Bodrum Bar Street (Cumhuriyet Street) which is swamped with the largest and most extravagant nightclubs. Bodrum offers great nightlife activities with its numerous bars, clubs, nightclubs and shows for the holidaymakers.

Before you hit the clubs, take your pick of a huge range of bars which sell every type of cocktail and beer under the Turkish sun. The Deja Vu Bar is halfway along Bar Street, is one of the noisiest and has bar staff which double up as an impromptu dance crew. The Mystery Bar, also on Bar Street, has dancers, DJs and a karaoke bar. The Fora bar is another fantastic bar, situated on the beach and it provides great views of the sea and Bodrum castle.

Any night on Bar Street is also a great opportunity to try out some of the local culture by ordering a Turkish Raki drink, but be warned (or pleasantly surprised) that this drink is 45% alcohol, so playing centurion with it is not advised.

Once you’ve had your fill of the bars, spend at least one night in the most popular and open-air Halikarnas Nightclub. This club doesn’t understand moderation in terms of foam, lighting, volume and dance shows, and the majority of punters don’t leave until the sun rises over the fuzzy horizon.

If you drink like a fish, you can party like one here too (almost), if you head to the Catamaran Disco. This nightclub in Bodrum is in a glass-bottomed boat which lights up the depths and all the sea life beneath it, while above the water it jams in as many lights, lasers and speakers into its interior as it can.

The White House is another great club with just as great a name, so is definitely worth a visit. Don’t forget that the sandy beach at Gumbet is waiting to revive you before the following night’s revelry beings on your Bodrum holidays.

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