Landmarks in Bodrum

If you love exploring the attractive structures in Bodrum, below you may find the landmarks in Bodrum.

Landmarks in Bodrum for you...

  • Bodrum Castle (St.Peter) in central Bodrum

    The Bodrum Castle (the Castle of St Peter) is one of the most popular sights and spots of Bodrum. It is a magnificent structure on the waterfront, is over 600 years old and is a superb example of a gothic style stronghold, where you can walk around the twisting passageways and towers designed to make the castle as difficult as possible for invaders to take.
  • Bodrum Windmills in central Bodrum

    The windmills in Bodrum are located on top of a hill near Yalikavak resort overlooking Bodrum and Gumbet. Bodrum Bay on one side and Gumbet Bay on the other side.
  • Bodrum Amphitheatre in central Bodrum

    Bodrum Amphitheatre (Bodrum Antique Theatre) is also one of the best sights in Bodrum. It dates back to 4th century B.C. and the best preserved sites of ancient Halicarnassus. The landscape is amazing especially at sunsets.
  • Myndos Gate in eastern Bodrum

    The Myndos Gate is situated at the eastern part of Bodrum. The city walls are the most important remains of the city of Halicarnassus. The gate can clearly be seen with its two towers.