Bodrum Beach Clubs

Top 10 Best Beach Clubs in Bodrum

Below you may find the popular beach clubs in Bodrum.

Top 10 Best Beach Clubs in Bodrum for you...

  • Isis Beach Club in Gumbet

    Isis Beach Club is located at the Isis Hotel in the Asarlik cove looking to the Gumbet coasts. The beach and waters are very clear and great to swim.
    Address: Isis beach, Isis Hotel, Asarlik region, Gumbet, Bodrum
    Phone: (+90 252) 317 21 40
  • Sarnic Beach Club in Bitez

    Sarnic Beach Club is located at the Bitez Bay. Visitors may spend a wonderful day at Sarnic Beach, have lunch, swim, enjoy water sports and chill out by the bar with tasteful music. And at nights visitors may enjoy the colourful Bitez Bay.
    Address: Sarnic beach, Bitez District, Cokertme Str. No : 23, Bodrum
    Phone: (+90 252) 343 14 33
  • Bianca Beach Club in Golkoy

    Bianca Beach Club is located in the Club Virgin Hotel on a beautiful bay in Golkoy, 1.5 km. from central Bodrum. It has a capacity of 3000 guests.
    Address: Eskicesme District, Degirmenburnu Region, Haremtan Str., No:1, Club Virgin Hotel, Bodrum
    Phone: (+90 252) 316 61 05
  • Xuma Beach Club in Yalikavak

    Xuma Beach Club is located on a beautiful bay in Yalikavak, worthy of its beach, sunset parties, cuisine and more.
    Address: Kudur Region, Yalikavak, Bodrum
    Phone: (+90 252) 385 47 75
  • Termera Resort Solida Beach Aspat in Turgutreis

    Termera Resort Solida Beach Club Aspat is located on a beautiful bay in Aspat, Turgureis. It has great beach, entertainment facilities, restaurant and more...
    Address: Aspat, Turgutreis, Bodrum
    Phone: (+90 252) 393 85 20
  • Blue Point Beach Club in Turgutreis

    Blue Point Beach Club is located in D-Marin Marina Turgutreis in a wonderful environment. There are variety of attractions for the visitors together with great sun and sea.
    Address: Gazi Mustafa Kemal Boulevard, No:26, Turgutreis, Bodrum
    Phone: (+90 252) 382 92 00
  • Tex Mex Beach Club in Gumbet

    Tex Mex Beach Club is also a nice beach club located in Gumbet worthy of its clear waters, cuisine and water sports opportunities.
    Address: Tex Mex beach, Asarlik region, Gumbet, Bodrum
    Phone: (+90 252) 319 67 93
  • Casa Dell'Arte Beach Club in Torba

    Casa Dell'Arte Beach Club is located at the Casa Dell'Arte Family Resort in Torba Bay. The crystal clear waters, facilities, famous Palm Bar is worth a spend day out in your Bodrum holidays.
    Address: Torba district, Inonu Str., No: 66, Torba, Bodrum
    Phone: (+90 252) 367 18 48
  • 3S Beach Club in Bitez

    3S Beach Club is located in 3S Beach Club Hotel by the beautiful Bitez Bay. The sandy beach is a beautiful place to relax and enjoy the sun and sea.
    Address: 3S Beach Club, Balcilar Region, Bitez, Bodrum
    Phone: (+90 252) 363 80 01
  • Fink Beach Club in Ortakent

    Fink Beach Club is located in Ortakent. It has a great environment with crystal clear waters.
    Address: Ortakent Muskebi, Ortakent, Bodrum
    Phone: (+90 252) 358 58 88