Bodrum Bars & Cafes

Top 10 Best Bars, Live Music & Cafes in Bodrum

Bodrum nightlife is amazing. Most of the night-time activities in Bodrum takes place on the mile-long Bodrum Bar Street (Cumhuriyet Street) which is swamped with the largest and most extravagant nightclubs.

Bodrum offers great nightlife activities with its numerous bars, clubs, nightclubs and shows for the holidaymakers.

Below you may find the popular bars in Bodrum.

Top 10 Best Bars, Live Music & Cafes in Bodrum for you...

  • Kuba Bar in central Bodrum

    Kuba Bar is one of the most popular bars in Bodrum designed as typical Bodrum and Cuba style. The bar is ideal for latin music lovers.
    Address: Neyzen Tevfik Str. No: 62, Bodrum
    Phone: (+90 252) 313 44 50
  • Helva Bar in central Bodrum

    Helva Bar is one of the most liveliest music bar in Bodrum worthy of its club atmosphere, late night parties and music.
    Address: Neyzen Tevfik Str., Bodrum
    Phone: (+90 252) 313 22 74
  • Mystery Disco Dance Bar in Gumbet

    Mystery Disco Dance Bar is located in Gumbet and worthy of its dancers, DJs and karaoke bar.
    Address: Erguvan Str. No:1 Gumbet, Bodrum
    Phone: (+90 252) 316 36 39
  • Moonlight Cafe Beach Bar in central Bodrum

    Moonlight cafe Bar is one of the most popular bars in Bodrum located by the seafront in central Bodrum.
    Address: Cumhuriyet Str., No:60/B, Bodrum
    Phone: (+90 252) 313 20 85
  • Vittoria Club & Ristorante Italiano in central Bodrum

    Vittoria Ristorante Italiano & Club has alivelt atmosphere and offer great night time actitivities in Bodrum for all year round. Live music, shows and Italian cuisine. It has a capacity of 1500 guests.
    Address: opposite of the Post Office, Ticaret ve Kultur Merkezi, No:1, Bodrum
    Phone: (+90 252) 316 57 61
  • Deja Vu Bar in central Bodrum

    Deja Vu Bar is a lively bar on the Bar Street in central Bodrum. It is one of the liveliest bars in Bodrum and has a young crowd and is always busy.
    Address: Cumhuriyet Str., Bodrum
  • Kule Rock City in central Bodrum

    Kule Rock City (Kule Bar) is a nice rock bar offering rock music and live music.
    Address: Cumhuriyet Str. Dr. Alim Bey Bedesteni, No: 55, Bodrum
    Phone: (+90 252) 313 28 50
  • Korfez Bar in central Bodrum

    Korfez Bar is a great music bar located 3 mins. walk from the Bodrum Castle.
    Address: near Bodrum castle, Bodrum
    Phone: (+90 252) 313 82 48
  • Ora Bar in central Bodrum

    Ora Bar has a lively atmosphere and great music and one of the most popular bars in Bodrum.
    Address: Carsi District, Dr.Alimbey Str. No:17, Bodrum
    Phone: (+90 252) 316 39 03
  • Mavi Bar in central Bodrum

    Mavi Bar is also well known bar in central Bodrum. It has a great aura and well music.
    Address: Cumhuriyet Str. No:175, Bodrum
    Phone: (+90 252) 316 3932